Champion Leccy is a very small, DIY operation driven by a passion for creating totally unique, noisy, custom guitar pedals. Everything is done in house, these are hand wired, hand painted pedals made with good quality components and pride. We design our own pedals and produce them in small batches. Occasionally we have limited runs on modded popular classics. All pedals feature 'one off' artwork.

At the minute we have some pedals on sale. They were part of earlier batches when I used a different clear coating process. They're absolutely fine, but some have tiny cracks in the clear coat. We've updated our clear coating process long since. It's the perfect chance to pick up a bargain!

It's important to us that customers get what they're looking for, so if you have any questions, requests or want more info about any of our products shoot us a message! As a small DIY venture we really value any feedback you can offer.