Bygone Tones

My speakers are priced according to their: condition, originality, and quality of tone.

Vintage speakers in poor condition actually have very little value, no matter how collectable they are considered to be. In my experience, unfortunately around 90% of all pre-1980 speakers being offered for sale out there will have sonic imperfections, and around 60% will have serious faults.

Needless to say, it is very easy to get stung when buying vintage speakers online. It is always far easier and more lucrative for sellers to emphasise collectability and the "holy grail" factor, then plead ignorance when it comes to testing their speakers and showing their true condition.

Through trial and error over the years I have discovered the best practices for assessing the tonal quality of a speaker, and for weeding out speakers with faults and sonic imperfections. You can learn more about these techniques on my website and in some of my upcoming blog posts.

I have been dealing in vintage speakers for over a decade now. Most of my regular customers are actually not vintage amp collectors but working musicians. They come to me for awesome sounding vintage speakers that they can rely on in the studio and on the road at the highest volume levels.

I have been safely shipping high value speakers and cabinets internationally since 2004 with regular customers all over Europe and USA, please buy in confidence.