The BBmade Reverb shop sells new and used items as well as custom made cables.

The pursuit of perfection is what drives everything I do to maintain the highest quality possible. I strive to communicate each item clearly so every buyer can feel comfortable purchasing from me. Also, I am a professional luthier and go through any used items in great detail before selling and often guitars will play as good or better than they did brand new.

Used items are sold “as-is/as described” unless otherwise noted in the specific listing. I go to great lengths to inspect, describe, repair/restore as needed and photograph items. Always feel free to contact me with questions, I want every buyer to be satisfied.

Also, you can find upcoming projects on my website to see if there is anything of interest. Please make sure you have the correct shipping address with Reverb. Packing slips and shipping labels are often printed shortly after payment has been made. Any error in shipping address will delay the arrival of your item.

Currently I only ship in the lower 48 states of America. Products shipped in Minnesota will be charged 6.875% sales tax.