2-Day Shipping

2-Day Shipping

Sellers who've earned the Quick Shipper badge can now offer a faster delivery option. Each seller determines their own 2-Day Shipping rates. Faster shipping options are currently only available to buyers in the same country as the seller.

How Does 2-Day Shipping Work?

  1. A buyer chooses the 2-Day Shipping option during checkout.
  2. The seller sees that the buyer has purchased 2-Day Shipping.
  3. Reverb marks the order as being cleared for shipment.
  4. The seller ships the item within one business day via a two day delivery service.
  5. Orders placed through negotiated offers are not eligible for 2-Day Shipping.

Seller Requirements

  • Sellers must have the Quick Shipper badge to offer 2-Day Shipping.
  • Orders with 2-Day Shipping must ship within one business day of payment being cleared and be delivered to the buyer within 2 days of being shipped.
  • If the order is not shipped within one business day of payment being cleared and delivered at the latest on the third business day, the seller agrees to refund the buyer the difference between their 2-Day Shipping rate and their standard rate.

How do I set up 2-Day Shipping rates?

To learn how you can offer 2-Day Shipping, email sales@reverb.com for access.

Once approved, you can add 2-Day Shipping rates when creating or editing a Shipping Profile. Simply visit your shipping profiles settings to create a new shipping profile with 2-Day Shipping rates or add them to an existing shipping profile.