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The Chase Bliss Audio Spectre Analog Flanger is easily one of the most advanced and feature-packed flanger pedals ever devised. This pedal relies on two delay lines to create its enveloping flanger tone which "crosses the zero point" and achieves a far more rich and nuanced tone than your standard '80s-style flange pedals. Like other Chase Bliss pedals, the Spectre features an all-analog signal path but with a wide set of digital controls to dial-in just about every flanger effect ever produced and many that haven't.
  • Updated in 2016 to the Blue Knob Mod. Changes included reduced background noise while the pedal was engaged, a quieter, more stable Regeneration stage, and the ability to adjust Mix while Ramping. New models after 2016 were sold with the Blue Knobs, but modifications to existing pedals were also offered, and the knobs weren't always switched out when the modification was performed. Both V2 Spectres and modified V1 Spectres can be found on this page.
  • Also available with the original Purple Knob specs.

Product Specs

  • Spectre V2 Analog Flanger
  • Blue Knob
  • 2016 - 2017