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The Chase Bliss Audio Spectre Analog Flanger is easily one of the most advanced and feature-packed flanger pedals ever devised. This pedal relies on two delay lines to create its enveloping flanger tone which "crosses the zero point" and achieves a far more rich and nuanced tone than your standard '80s-style flange pedals. Like other Chase Bliss pedals, the Spectre features an all-analog signal path but with a wide set of digital controls to dial-in just about every flanger effect ever produced and many that haven't.
  • Updated in 2016 to the Blue Knob Mod. Changes included reduced background noise while the pedal was engaged, a quieter, more stable Regeneration stage, and the ability to adjust Mix while Ramping.

Product Specs

  • Spectre Analog Flanger
  • Purple Knob
  • 2015 - 2016
Made In
  • United States
Reviews for the Chase Bliss Audio Spectre Analog TZ Flanger
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  • The Modulation Pedal Jimi Hendrix Wanted

    This pedal is so versatile and sounds so good. It can be subtle or extreme, and with ramping/expression pedal AND midi control over every parameter, with presets, and tap temp. Goodness. With expression pedal control of the RATE and ZERO parameters, I get a leslie-ish/univibe-ish sound mixed with T…

  • the flanger to end them all

    Verified Purchase

    If you like flange, like to flange, and want a flanger, I dare you to find a superior flanger than this. It's gorgeous sounding, endlessly tweakable and unlike most flangers, it has a versatility that takes you deeper, richer and further than the flange sound you wanted. You can do conventional fl…

  • Most versatile Flanger Ever!

    Probably the last flanger you will ever need! I haven't even begun messing with dip switches yet and it has been incredibly useful! Cheers!

  • CBA Spectre BKM TZ Flanger Big Jet Sky...

    Recently picked up the Chase Bliss Audio Spectre “Blue Knob Mod” TZ Flanger Pedal and it’s definitely THE Flanger I’ve been looking for since playing thru my first Flanger pedal 25 years ago (Dod stereo Flanger, and many since then such as the Boss Flanger, EHX electric mistress, Ibanez airplane Fla…

  • amazing

    Verified Purchase

    build quality. versatility. usability. and flat out cool sounding.