What Is This Cassette Deck–Electric Guitar Hybrid?

Ah the '80s—who could forget the screeching vocal melodies, the punchy stadium drum sound, the towers of rack gear and, of course, guitars that doubled as cassette players? Well, maybe you missed these at the time. But in the early '80s, Casio totally had a cow and crafted the EG-5.

As a clear product of its time, the EG-5 features a built-in cassette deck and recorder. Not only can you pop in your favorite tape and shred along, but you can also record your own riffs directly to cassette.

If that isn't rad enough, the guitar also includes a built-in speaker, distortion, and pitch dial, which allows players to manipulate their playing and background track. The guitar can easily be powered by using a handful of batteries or with a 9V power supply.

The Casio EG-5 offers bizarre features for lo-fi lovers, audiophiles, and shredders alike. Who knew all you cool DIYers could have been playing along to the touring band's latest release this whole time?

Moscow Reverb seller Guitarbank currently has a prime example of this quirky piece of '80s guitar history. Click the listing link above to see more of this particular EG-5, or find more on Reverb here.

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