Video: Vox Releases New 60th Anniversary Handwired AC15 and AC30 Reissues

Vox amps from the late–'50s and early–'60s were an essential component of the sound of the British Invasion. The chiming twang that defined a generation of British rock 'n' roll was exemplified by its AC15 circuit and later, the AC30.

In celebration of its 60th birthday, Vox is releasing new, handwired variations of those two ubiquitous and beloved amplifiers, championed by players like John Lennon, Vic Flick, and Brian May.

The AC15 went through three variations between 1958 and 1960, the last of which the 60th anniversary iteration is modeled after. It's even outfitted with a 12" Celestion AlNiCo speaker that Celestion revived exclusively for the occasion.

When AC15 players began demanding louder and larger tones, Vox answered with the AC30 Top Boost. This year's reissue is a faithful tribute to the seminal 1964 edition of that circuit.

Like the AC15, this amp also features exclusive 12" Celestion speakers. It offers a Normal channel for signature cleans and a Vib–Trem channel for a broader expanse of characteristic vox tones.

Built in the UK, these 60th anniversary amps will only be released in very limited quantities in 2017, so keep an ear to the ground if you're interested in picking one up.

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