Video: SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle Dual Fuzz Demo

Spanish Castle Dual Fuzz
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Pedal designer SolidGoldFX has added another exciting effect to its expanding line of well-regarded stompboxes. Building upon the brand's popular If 6 Was 9 fuzz circuit, the brand-new Spanish Castle Dual Fuzz gives players an expanded palette of tweakable fuzz tones, with each side of the circuit having been inspired by the If 6 Was 9's signature sounds. It's available exclusively through Reverb now.

The Spanish Castle's "Fuzz A" is a warm, vintage-voiced fuzz, equipped with silicon transistors and carbon comp resistors, while "Fuzz B" plays its modern counterpart, featuring a tighter voice, metal film resistors, high-gain transistors, and extended bias range for gated and sputtery fuzz tones as well as smoother, more traditional sounds.

Players can use the three-way color switch to tweak mid-range and shave treble. Additionally, both sides of the fuzz also include a three-position input toggle: all the way to the right will get you more traditional vintage input, center is a wah-friendly setting that reduces bass and drops gain, and the left is even more of a wah-friendly position, only mildly tweaking the gain and bass.

Be sure to check out the full demo above to see what kinds of tones Andy is able to coax from the new SolidGoldFX effect, and click here to pick up your own right here on Reverb.

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