Video: Red Panda Tensor Demo

Today, Andy is checking out the new Tensor stompbox from Red Panda—a boutique effects brand that makes pedals for "experimentally minded musicians." Via digital signal processing, Red Panda promises effects that "warp, twist, and bend sound without losing the underlying musical quality and control."

The Tensor is a noisebox that gives users live reverse and tape stop effects, pitch-shifting, time-stretching, and hold functions in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. With its knob-controllable intelligent randomization, the Tensor can produce anything from occasional stops, stutters, and rewinds to massive pitch jumps, random slicing, and rhythmic repeats.

The Tensor is also MIDI-capable via USB, making it a great tool for recording and sequencing in addition to live application. Be sure to check out the full video above, and click here to grab your own Red Panda Tensor right now on Reverb.

Gear Used In This Video:
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