Video: 9 Popular Songs With Odd Time Signatures

While many artists and sometimes whole subgenres have made it a point to explore strange time signatures, most hits you hear on the radio are in 4/4, otherwise known as common time. But not every hit has a beat so straightforward.

Just as Reverb's Joe Shadid recently broke down "The Unexpected Chords in 6 Popular Songs," today, he's back to dissect the rhythms of some of the best-known songs with odd time signatures.

Pink Floyd's "Money" is probably the most recognizable example on classic rock radio, but turn the dial to a jazz, alternative, or pop station, and you may just catch one of the others Joe explores here: from Dave Brubeck to Outkast, Dionne Warwick to Radiohead.

Have your own favorite hits with weird time signatures? Let us know in the comments.

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