Video: Neunaber Audio Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus

The rackmount tri-chorus effects units of the 1980s were responsible for some of the era’s trademark sounds (think Def Leppard’s Hysteria and other Mutt Lange productions). The "Tri Stereo Chorus" units, sold under the names Dyno My Piano, Songbird, and Dytronics, are rarities these days, though plenty of effects makers have tried to emulate them. Fulltone even produced its own rackmount clone named That ‘80s Chorus Rack.

Neunaber Audio have recently released a compact stompbox that promises the same versatility and breadth of features of the classic rack units. The Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus pedal features eight distinct modes of chorus, vibrato, and subtle delay for all the shimmery, nostalgia-drenched sounds of your dreams.

The Tri mode brings the lush tri-chorus as found in the vintage effects, while the Hex doubles the tri-chorus effect (in parallel) for an even denser sound and the Cascade Tone runs two tri-choruses in series. For these first three modes, the pedal’s multi-function knob adjusts the tone.

The pedal’s vibrato modes include the Cascade Vibe (which adds a tri-vibrato on top of the tri-chorus effect) and Harmonic Vibe (which only applies tri-vibrato to the upper frequencies while applying tri-chorus just to the lows). In these modes, the multi-function knob adjusts the rate of the vibrato.

Two detune modes include the Harmonic Detune, which, like the Harmonic Vibe, only affects the low frequencies, and the +Detune, which adds modulation to the full frequency spectrum. Players can adjust the amount of pitch fluctuations with the multi-function knob while the detune modes are engaged.

Lastly, the pedal features a +Echo mode, which adds a delay effect to the tri-chorus, and allows players to select the delay time and feedback with the multi-function knob and the pedal’s Depth knob. As you can see in the video above, the Inspire is a fun, creative stompbox, bringing the throwback ‘80s charms into the present day. Be sure to watch the full demo, and click here to buy your Inspire on Reverb now.

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