Video: Meet the Electro-Harmonix Blurst Modulated Filter and Operation Overlord OD

Electro-Harmonix is responsible for some of the world’s best-known pedal mainstays, but they’ve never been comfortable resting on their laurels. Guitarists & bassists can routinely count on EHX to roll out at least a couple new concepts every time Winter NAMM comes around — this year, they showed us a pair of interesting new pedals, the Blurst modulated filter and Operation Overlord overdrive.

The Blurst sounds like an envelope filter, but instead of being controlled by your playing dynamics, its response is controlled via internal oscillators. The retro-synth-esque effect has tap tempo, and can make use of a foot controller for expanded functionality.

The Overlord, meanwhile, is Electro-Harmonix’s first dual gain-stage distortion effect. Originally developed for keyboards, it’s a stereo-in, stereo-out stompbox that EHX was happy to discover sounded great on guitar and bass as well.

Check out our video on both pedals above -- John from EHX provides the details as well as a few suggestions (for example: The Operation Overlord pairs especially well with an open-back 1x12”.)

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