Learn to Play: "The J-Burd" 7/8 Monster Beat Drum Lesson

In what's become a signature beat for Jessica Burdeaux, "The J-Burd" is a combination of single and double hits on the floor tom, bass drum, and snare that just so happens to sound monstrous when played together.

Coming in quick succession in a 7/8 time signature, the floor tom and bass hits combine to sound like a double kick pattern. "I tried to experiment with different combinations and play them at a speed that would give that effect," Jessica says.

In the video above, she walks you through each step of the beat—starting with the snare pattern, played alongside the hi-hat or the floor tom, whichever will help you keep the rhythm straight. This will allow you to count in 7/8 time with ease, making everything else land where it should.

From there, you'll add the single-pedal doubles on the kick, with floor tom hits thrown in as well. If this is brand-new territory for you, just focus on this section until it becomes second-nature to you, before combining with the rest of the beat.

While the full beat will take some getting used to, you'll hear and feel how each segment leads into the next. Be sure to watch the whole video above and practice along.

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