Video: Greer Amps Moonshot Demo

A few months ago, Athens, Georgia-based Greer Amps released its newest stompbox, the Moonshot. The Moonshot is a treble and mid pre/boost pedal that takes its inspiration from vintage germanium preamp circuits.

The Moonshot might look unassuming, featuring just two knobs for master volume and treble/mid sweep, but don't let its minimalist face fool you. A twist of the treble/mid knob to the left will get you a solid treble boost, while a twist to the right will drive the front end of your amp and give you some midrange grunt.

Under the hood, the Moonshot sports a new-old-stock AC-128 germanium transistor that lends itself to warm and rich tones. The pedal also plays nicely with others and can beef up any other ODs you've got in your chain.

Check out the video above to hear the sounds Joe is able to coax out of Greer's newest pedal offering.

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