Video: Death By Audio Unveils the Deep Animation and Absolute Destruction at NAMM 2018

We had a chance to catch up with the folks at Death By Audio at their NAMM booth to see what's new for 2018. In the video above, Andy talks over the new Deep Animation with Oliver from Death by Audio.

The Deep Animation is multi-functional stompbox that adds layers of dynamics to your playing. According to Death By Audio, the pedal actually "responds to how you play, enveloping and filter sweeping and overdriving." The harder your hit your strings, the deeper the pedal's outputted bass response, making for a deeply animated and thick tone.

Also new for 2018 is the Absolute Destruction—what Death By Audio is referring to as its "most insane pedal yet." It's a solid dirtbox, capable of thick, gnarly, and gritty fuzz tones, but it doesn't stop there. The pedal also features a control called the Overload slider that sets the ceiling at which the pedal overloads into octave-shifting territory.

Be sure to check out both demos above, and click the banner below to continue following the latest news and gear announcements from NAMM 2018.

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