Video: Chase Bliss Audio Launches Warped Vinyl HiFi

Like an old favorite record gently pulsing on your turntable, the Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl is full of charm. The original pedal, meant to simulate the effect of a deformed LP through “real pitch” vibrato and chorus, endeared itself to many players. The Warped Vinyl MKII marked an astounding leap forward, taking the stompbox and remaking it into an unprecedented modulation machine.

And now, Chase Bliss is back with the Warped Vinyl HiFi. As its name suggests, this latest iteration brings a new level of fidelity to the beloved circuit. This version reduces the noise level found in the MKII, gives more opportunities for brighter, clearer tones, and includes a new Lag knob that allows users even greater control over the tones of the chorus effects.

"I think most people considered the previous Warped Vinyl versions as a 'vibrato first' effect, but with HiFi we are fully entering the chorus realm," said Chase Bliss founder, Joel Korte.

Along with these additions, the Warped Vinyl HiFi maintains the full breadth of modulation effects available in the MKII, including the ModuShape functions—which allow users to select the wave shape at the beginning and end of the effected sound—and 122 presets selectable via MIDI. As with all of Chase Bliss’s pedals, the various knobs and switches control a “digital brain” which colors and alters the sound without digitally processing your analog guitar signal.

Watch the above video for Andy's demonstration of the range of effects and amazing tones achievable in Chase Bliss’s latest offering. You can pre-order the the Warped Vinyl HiFi exclusively on Reverb for a delivery date of December 29.

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