The 2hp Lunchbox Is a Small Treat of a Eurorack System

If your modular synth collection needs a conversation piece, you're in for a treat.

The 2hp Lunchbox is a small, portable Eurorack system fit into a cute metal lunchbox enclosure.

2hp Lunchbox

From 2hp:

This 42HP case comes fully powered and ready to go with a latchable lid. Whether you're in the studio, on a plane, or performing at your next modular picnic, Eurorack has never been so portable.

We're also selling four powerful systems packed in our new Lunchbox case: Picnic Basket, Synth Voice, Drum Machine, and Effects Box.

These systems are sure to become the bread and butter of your creative process.

You'll also be able to buy the Lunchbox as a standalone case, or buy the modules separately. What exactly is in store for the "Picnic Basket" system remains to be seen, but 2hp (as you'd expect from its name) has plenty of tiny modules that can fit into the Lunchbox.

The company is also debuting three new modules on its website's "Coming Soon" page: Loop ($149, available in April), a 48 kHz/24-bit "sound-on-sound looper with five-minute audio buffer"; Comp ($129, available in May), a "compressor with side-chain functionality"; and Pitch ($119, available in June), a "time domain pitch shifter with flutter control."

Full price for the Lunchbox is still TBD, but it's expected to be available in March. Click the "Follow" button above to add it to your Reverb Feed and be notified as soon as they're available for purchase.

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