Sunn O))) and EQD Collaborate to Release the Life Pedal

UPDATE: As of 3:30 pm, all of the Sunn O))) and EarthQuacker Devices Life Pedals and Life Pedal & Life Metal Bundles are sold out. You can add the Life Pedal to your Reverb Feed to be notified as soon as they appear on the resale market. New to Reverb? Learn more about us here.

Boutique pedal makers EarthQuaker Devices and drone metal impresarios Sunn O))) have gotten together to make a brand-new stompbox: the Life Pedal.

Life Metal, Sunn O)))'s audacious and critically acclaimed album released earlier this year, features the band's masterfully heavy riffs squalling with gain and massive low-end. The Life Pedal octave distortion and booster promises to give you those same tones in a limited-edition run of only 1,000 total units, with 200 being packaged with a special clear-vinyl pressing of Life Metal.

Sunn O))) x EarthQuaker Devices
Life Pedal Octave Distortion & Booster
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Sunn O))) x EarthQuaker Devices
Life Pedal & Life Metal LP Bundle
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The Life Pedal's octave section comes first in the single chain and is built with Russian Germanium diodes, granting a powerful monophonic low-end to the incoming signal. The distortion circuit comes next, which uses tantalum capacitors to replicate the type of dark gain found in vintage, LM308-equipped "Whiteface" ProCo Rats. But to that classic double-silicon-diode design, it adds to two more clipping options—one wide-open and the second allowing a more compressed crunch. The last stage is the mosfet boost stage, which promises to not add any distortion of its own, but can of course make your amp howl.

Watch the release video above to hear it in action. Order the limited-edition Life Pedal or Life Pedal & Life Metal Bundle through Reverb now.

Visit the Sunn O))) Life Pedal Site
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