SolidGoldFX Releases the 76 Plus, an Octave-Up Fuzz and Filter

SolidGoldFX's latest—the 76 Plus—looks to the early days of silicon-based fuzz pedals from Japan, like the octave-up overtones of the Univox Super Fuzz and Ibanez Standard Fuzz, and the filtered fuzz of the Shin-Ei Companion.

Today, not only is the 76 Plus being released, but we also have the 76 Plus in an exclusive, limited-edition gold colorway only on Reverb.

76 Plus
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76 Plus Reverb Exclusive Gold
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By mashing up those classic Japanese circuits and adding a versatile modulated filter, the 76 Plus offers baked-in octave-up chime with a range of filtered tones.

The filter's Mode switch lets you select between manual mode or triangle and square waveform settings, each of which offers multiple shapes. Standard heel/toe, inverted toe/heel, and 3-step square in manual mode; ramp-up sawtooth, standard triangle, and ramp-down sawtooth in triangle mode; and 2-step square, 3-step ramp up, and 4-step staircase in square.

Other features, according to SolidGoldFX, are:

  • Texture Knob: This control adjusts the mid frequency of the 76 Plus from a deep scoop to a mid-drenched grind.
  • Color Switch: Shaves some top-end for a smoother, woolier fuzz. “Left” rolls off some treble, “Right” rolls off even more treble, and “Center” rolls off no treble.
  • Clip Switch: “Left” is the original vintage setting (heavy compression & extra breakup), “Right” is a tamer, balanced option, and “Center” is a punchy setting with the compression dialed back a bit and extra output.
  • Speed Knob: Adjusts the speed of the filter (disconnected when expression is plugged in).
  • Internal DIP Switches: The filter section has a pair of internal dipswitches which engage a resonance boost for a more intense filter effect and a high-cut circuit for added warmth should you choose.

Order the 76 Plus now in its standard chassis or the Reverb Exclusive Gold now.

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