Reverb Soundcheck: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

If you've listened to any of Unknown Mortal Orchestra's records, you know how much care and craft goes into their sound. The band's fusion of modern effects and techniques with decisively vintage-tinged production represents the vanguard of the current wave of artful psych-rock, with drum and vocal production straight from a '60s soul compilation. Their newest release, Multi-Love, adds a bit more of an electronic flavor but retains the commitment to classic analog tones throughout.

We recently caught up with UMO at Chicago's Lincoln Hall to get a glimpse at their live setup and how the band replicates their studio magic on stage. It's a thorough mix of classic and new gear, with pedals from such makers as Source Audio, Earthquaker Devices, and Catalinbread run in conjunction with vintage Ludwig drums, Vox cabinets, and an MIJ Univox synths. We also spotted no lack of Divine Noise cables connecting everything together. With drums run through flangers and vocals run through a 500-series effects rack, UMO's meticulous approach to their live rig has earned them a reputation as one of todays' most innovative touring acts.

Much gratitude to the guys in Unknown Mortal Orchestra for chatting with us. Be sure to check out their site to scope the new record and find out when you can see them on tour.

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