Reverb Soundcheck: Four Year Strong

Pounding, loud, and goofy: there are just a few adjectives to describe pop punk hardcore heavyweights Four Year Strong. Celebrating a decade and a half together, the band garnered a zealous following through constant touring, a visceral live act, and an air of humor about themselves. Hailing from Worcester, MA, these guys have a respect in their native New England comparable to bands like Dropkick Murphys and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Their newest release, Four Year Strong, finds their signature hard styling in line with newer effect elements for a fresh take on a beloved sound.

We managed to sit down with Dan O’Connor and Alan Day at Bottom Lounge in Chicago during their anniversary tour to find out about old and new gear. Their rigs are based on classic hardcore fundamentals like a ‘90s Les Paul Standard, Marshall JCM800 2203 Head, Orange Thunderverb, and of course a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. Recently added to the arsenal are hardcore outliers like an EHX Micro Synth, Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master, and Alan’s newfound Fat Strat. Regardless of what pedals find their way onto a Four Year Strong board, the group is still all DIY and elbow grease at the end of the day.

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