Ray LaMontagne to Sell Vintage Amps, Collings Electrics, and More on Reverb

Today, we here at Reverb are excited to announce a fourth collection of gear that musician and gear enthusiast Ray LaMontagne will be selling through his Official Ray LaMontagne Reverb Shop. The shop will be comprised of over 50 pieces of gear and will feature a variety of pristine player-grade vintage instruments.

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Some of the major highlights of this collection can be found in the guitar amplifier category, as LaMontagne is parting with a 1955 Fender Tweed Tremolux (serial number 0060) in excellent condition, a ‘56 Fender Tweed Harvard, and a ‘64 Fender Princeton—just to name a few. He's also parting with a couple of Fender guitars, including a Custom Shop 12-string Telecaster and a '73 Deluxe Telecaster.

LaMontagne's shop will feature a handful of Collings guitars in excellent condition, including a few Collings CL Deluxe models, a couple of 360-LTs, and a Collings 290.

Also featured is gear that'll please LaMontagne's non-guitar-playing fans, like a four-piece Kent drum kit in a Black Marine Pearl finish, an Arturia Minibrute Synthesizer, and an Akai Professional MPK88 Keyboard.

Click through the gallery above for a sneak preview of this gear and some other pieces that you can expect to find in The Official Ray LaMontagne Reverb Shop, and be sure to drop your email in the signup box above to be notified as soon as the shop goes live on Thursday, February 14.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said the shop would go live on February 12. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The Official Ray LaMontagne Reverb Shop will go live February 14.

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