Positive Grid Announces BIAS Delay Pedal with Innovative Software Integration

Positive Grid's new BIAS Delay pedal will be hitting markets later this spring for $349. The stompbox will be joining Positive Grid's growing list of hardware products. The BIAS Distortion and BIAS Amp Head were released in 2016.

Positive Grid BIAS

Positive Grid is advertising the BIAS Delay as the "first cross-platform hardware delay pedal," as it integrates with the BIAS Pedal desktop and iPad app via Bluetooth or micro-USB. The software integration allows players to customize parameters, as well as download and share custom presets using Positive Grid's social ToneCloud network.

The BIAS delay is the first mass–market standalone pedal that has full integration with computer software, even though this kind of digital integration has been featured in synths for years, like with the Waldorf Blofeld and Roland System–8. With DSP being used more and more in pedal design, we expect to see a lot of this in the future.

The pedal boasts impressive specs, featuring several types of effects like analog, digital, space, tape, reverse, swell, ping pong, and tremolo. Players have access to three presets instantly with two extra banks that each hold 10 slots for storing more sounds. Tap tempo is included via a separate footswitch, and another three-way switch lets players adjusts between quarter, dotted-eighth, and eighth-note triplet tap times. The stompbox offers ups to three seconds of delay.

The BIAS Delay features expression pedal control of all parameters, stereo ins and outs, MIDI sync with other BIAS pedals, and is powered by a 9V power supply.


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