Pittsburgh Modular Announces Voltage Research Laboratory Eurorack Synth

Ahead of this week's Superbooth 2019 convention in Berlin, Pittsburgh Modular has announced its new Voltage Research Laboratory. According to the company, it's "a completely different analog synthesizer where every function of the instrument has been influenced by the behaviors and systems of the natural world."

Voltage Research Laboratory

The Eurorack synth has three separate modules—a voice module, an interactive touch controller, and an output utility—which will be made available within one handmade enclosure.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the final production of the new instrument—with many different pledge levels available to get part or all of the new system at below retail cost. (The full system will eventually sell for $1,599 USD.)

In Pittsburgh Modular's announcement video below, you can hear designers Richard Nicol and Michael Johnsen explain the new Warp circuit, which they say folds previously "unfoldable, high-harmonic-content waves."

It's just one of many circuits and features—alongside linear FM, waveform cycling, and more—created to allow users to move away from basic shapes to more complex waveforms.

Watch the video to learn more about the new synth and hear it in action.

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory Introduction
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