Modular Synth Book "Patch & Tweak" Hits Kickstarter, Gets Funded Immediately

When Kim Bjørn, author of the electronic music instrument book Push Turn Move, first took to crowdfunding the publishing costs on Kickstarter last year, the project was funded in less than an hour.

Push Turn Move—which looks at how synths and drum machines are constructed and the importance of their interface design—quickly became a modern classic for electronic music makers.

Bjørn's new book, Patch & Tweak, teams up with Learning Modular's Chris Meyer to focus on the world of modular synthesizers. Today, the project launched on Kickstarter and, besting the previous book's campaign, Patch & Tweak was fully funded within 10 minutes.

"Patch & Tweak" Kickstarter Video

In the campaign video, Bjørn explains his motivations for creating the new text: "Making modular music is fascinating and rewarding, but sometimes complicated or even intimidating. A lot of us are still learning and often searching communities, Facebook groups, manuals, and videos to expand our knowledge."

Patch & Tweak will look at the history and techniques of modular synthesis, include diagrams of typical patches, a discussion of the wide variety of modules, and interviews with artists and makers. Instruments from Verbos Electronics, Mutable Instruments, WMD, Make Noise Music, Intellijel, Buchla, Moog, and many more companies will be featured, as well as artists like Hans Zimmer, Robert Rich, and Suzanne Ciani.

Backers of Patch & Tweak will receive the book and additional rewards, depending on the level of support. While the most basic support level, which guarantees the hardcover book and nothing else, is sold out, there are still other packages available. Check out the Kickstarter page here to learn more.

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