Make Noise Releases the 0-CTRL Controller/Sequencer

Fans of Make Noise have something to celebrate today, as the popular modular synth brand unveiled its newest offering on YouTube this morning. The 0-CTRL is a small, super portable, tabletop controller/sequencer that follows up (and pairs nicely with) the brand's hit 0-Coast semi-modular synth.

As introduced in the release video, the 0-CTRL is a "patchable, clockable controller and step-sequencer for voltage-controlled synthesizer systems." The 0-CTRL follows the Eurorack protocol and features gate outputs and dynamic envelopes per note/step, which makes it ideal for use with expressive instruments.

Players can control direction, strength, pitch, time, and more via patching and knob-turning as you'd expect, but one of the particularly unique aspects of the 0-CTRL is its "Sequencer Interrupt" feature, which allows players to play live by hand either taking over for the sequencer or playing along with it as it's running.

Make Noise 0-CTRL

Relatedly, the included row of Time knobs is another of the 0-CTRL's most stand-out features. "The Time row allows you to introduce the 'slop' of how people naturally play," said Make Noise's Tony Rolando in a prepared statement. "Sometimes that slop is the magic, and is what gets the groove going."

The 0-CTRL also comes in at $399 USD brand-new, making it a pretty reasonable buy from the looks of what it offers. Be sure to add the 0-CTRL to your Reverb feed by clicking the blue button above to be notified when the first listings start showing up on Reverb.

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