Learn To Play: Foo Fighters' "Congregation"

"Congregation," from Foo Fighters' 2014 release Sonic Highways, is a highly indicative of the playing and song-writing style of Dave Grohl. It's deceptively accessible, with simple chords, fantastic rhythms, catchy riffs and highly playable solo. This arena rock anthem exemplifies the classic Foo Fighters sound: melodic but hard, blending fuzzy riffs with grooving rhythms and an awesome, effective emotional buildup to the pounding, crunchy finish. "Congregation" is a fantastic entryway into playing Foo Fighters songs just like the Foo Fighters themselves would.

Watch the video above to find out exactly how to play the song and to learn more about how Dave Grohl achieves the band's signature fuzzy goodness. Click below to read about and shop the gear of the Foo Fighters.

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