Jackson Audio Releases Exclusive Joey Landreth Golden Boy Overdrive

Fans of rich, purring gain will have to consider a new challenger to the overdrive throne.

Jackson Audio
Golden Boy
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Jackson Audio—the Texas-based pedal makers that place premium effects in working artists' sonic arsenals—has just released the Golden Boy Overdrive. Created in collaboration with roots and blues guitarist Joey Landreth, it's a King of Tone–style pedal sure to ascend the storied ranks of tasteful drive units.

Each of the 500 one-time, limited-edition pedals will be signed and numbered by Landreth, and can only be found on Reverb.

The Golden Boy has the platform as the company's ever-popular Broken Arrow, but swaps in a new circuit made to Landreth's liking, changing the Broken Arrow's more TS808-like sounds for variable Marshall Bluesbreaker–style breakup. From gently humming drive to churning gain, there's a versatile spread of settings available. According to Jackson Audio, the features include:

  • Transparent overdrive via the Bluesbreaker/KOT circuit
  • 4X overdrive clipping diode options
  • 4-position gain cycle function
  • 3-band active EQ
  • Independently switchable mosfet boost with 4 EQ settings
  • Full MIDI control

Find the Golden Boy Overdrive here. Or to check out Jackson Audio's full 2020 lineup of pedals, visit Jackson Audio's Reverb Shop.

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