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Here for sale we have a partscaster someone made that I bought because I thought it looked cool.  You know me, I like funky.  

It has a poplar body that was obviously home-made.  I sanded it up evenly and added a bit of a bevel to act as a forearm contour.  It was unfinished when I got it, so I covered it in a few coats of danish oil.  Danish oil will protect from water and grime, etc, and also leaves the body with an neat bare wood feel.  

The PROS: This guitar has a Lace Sensor Humbucker that sounds really nice and meaty, especially in the off-center position it was placed in.  The bridge is a Hipshot American Standard Style hardtail.  It also has a set of Dimarzio staggered tuners.  Parts alone cost around $150-$200 and could be easily parted out and resold.  The neck is super solid -- one of the nicer Samick products I have seen.  Nice thin-ish profile that is comfortable without being too thin.  The action is really low and comfortable.  No buzzes, fret outs, etc.  

The CONS: Do not ask me why, because it is the most asinine thing I have ever seen, but whoever built this originally put the jack in the place where it made sense to put the knob and the knob where it made sense to put the jack.  I thought about switching them over, but that would require cutting a whole new pickguard or modifying some plate to cover the football shaped jack hole in the PG and hold the knob in place.  This doesn't really pose any problem other than the cable being in the path of where it makes sense to strum.  You can strum around it, but as I played it, I found myself forgetting and hitting my hand on the jack/cable. It also looks a little funky.  I have decided not to mess with that for now, but if this is a deal breaker, shoot me a message and we can discuss options for me to switch them before I ship. There is also a filled knot on the lower horn -- it is structurally secure, but is visible.  

As always, I oiled the board, polished it up, cleaned out the electronics and put on a shiny new set of .10 strings.  

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