The Best-Selling Amps of 2019

Next up in our ongoing series of year-end best-selling lists comes amplifiers. In the space below, you'll find a list of the best-selling guitar amps on Reverb from this past year, along with a list of best-selling bass amps and a snapshot of the whole amp market on Reverb, organized by brand.

You can see this year's list of best-selling pedals here, and to compare the amp rankings to previous years, check out the 2018 and 2017 lists.

Best-Selling Guitar Amps of 2019

Fender Blues Junior
Boss KTN-50 Katana
Yamaha THR10
2019 Rank Overall Bestsellers Average Used Price USD 2018 Rank Placement Change
1 Fender Blues Junior $425.79 1 0
2 Boss KTN-50 Katana $186.65 9 7
3 Yamaha THR10 $227.30 3 0
4 Vox AC15C1 Custom $485.80 5 1
5 Orange MT20 Micro Terror $113.22 2 -3
6 Orange Micro Dark Terror $146.50 4 -2
7 Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue $800.98 7 0
8 Boss KTN-100 Katana Combo $295.43 -- --
9 Vox AC10C1 Custom $365.97 12 3
10 Kemper Amps Profiler PowerHead $1,735.67 -- --
11 Fishman Loudbox Mini LBX-500 $243.93 16 5
12 Milkman The Amp Guitar Head Pedal $630.97 10 -2
13 Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Reissue $775.70 15 2
14 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe $493.36 8 -6
15 Fender Pro Junior $312.55 -- --
16 Fender Vibro Champ $971.07 -- --
17 Peavey 6505 MH Mini Head $375.66 18 1
18 Roland Jazz Chorus JC-40 $488.31 -- --
19 Boss KTN-HEAD Katana $287.18 -- --
20 Yamaha THR10C $225.08 13 -7

Some notes on the data here: This is for all amp sales on Reverb including new and used amps, which gives some primacy to amps that have been on the market longer and therefore have more used inventory available at any given time. Cynically, one could say the inclusion of used inventory means this list is more a reflection of amps that people don't want anymore. But for every seller here, there's also a buyer—and, more to the point, a look at the numbers isolated to just new and used shows generally the same results.

Additionally, in some instances where there have been various revisions to a single amp over the years, such as the top-ranking Blues Junior, we're considering that one model. Similarly, we've combined different eras of vintage amps that are technically the same model line—though, the only example of that to clear the top 20 was the Fender Vibro Champ.

While the list of overall best-selling amps remains relatively similar to that of 2018—with the always-popular Fender Blues Junior claiming top honors yet again—there have been some interesting changes.

Notably, the Boss Katana Series has really hit a stride, with the KTN-50 combo model jumping up to the second overall ranking. It's a well-reviewed amp that's turned some heads on YouTube, and being able to get into some modeling action at an average used price of $186 USD is hard to turn down. Most impressively, though, it's been able to climb to this top spot with only a few years' worth of used specimens floating out there—this, compared to the decades' worth of amp production sitting behind models like the Vox AC15 or Deluxe Reverb Reissue.

The sophisticated Kemper Profiler PowerHead re-entered the list this year and represents the higher-end of the modeling amp category (competing Fractal gear also continues to sell well, but since units like the Axe-FX lack a power amp component, we consider them part of the effects category). Perhaps the most noticeable drop-off from the top 20 chart was the Marshall DSL40C, which ranked sixth in 2018.

Next, we'll look at the best-selling bass amps, which are a blend of affordable and familiar combo units like the Fender Rumble series and the newguard, ultra-svelte Class D class, as epitomized by the top-ranking Tone Hammer 500 or newer Ampeg Portaflex line.

Best-Selling Bass Amps of 2019

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500
Fender Rumble 100
Fender Rumble 40

And, in closing, a look at the best-selling brands in the amp category on Reverb—which, again, includes new and used amps.

Best-Selling Amps Brands on Reverb

2019 Rank

Most Popular Brands by Number of Orders

Change from 2018

Average Used Sale Price

1 Fender -- $754.17
2 Marshall -- $817.23
3 Orange 2 $472.72
4 Vox -1 $492.73
5 Mesa Boogie -1 $1,007.69
6 Peavey -- $375.81
7 Ampeg -- $533.77
8 Blackstar -- $278.36
9 Roland -- $342.03
10 Boss 4 $282.62
11 Quilter -1 $360.29
12 Yamaha 1 $242.78
13 Kemper 4 $1,682.39
14 Supro 5 $784.30
15 Line 6 -2 $296.50
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