The market is action-packed with amp and effect modelers, but no one inspires the reverence of the Fractal Audio Axe-FX III Preamp Effects Processor. Dual 1.0 GHz, floating-point “Keystone” Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) provide well over twice the computing power of the Axe-FX II to provide high-fidelity recreations of over 2,000 cabs, 250 amps, and 100 effects for an absolute fleet of tonal options designed for serious tone chasers.

Product Specs

  • Axe-FX III
  • Black
  • 2010s
Pedal Format
  • Rackmount

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Reviews for the Fractal Audio Axe-FX III Preamp Effects Processor
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  • This thing is a beast!

    Verified Purchase

    I've been a Fractal user for almost 5 years now (Axe II and then AX8), a couple weeks ago I found a nice deal for a lightly used axe fx III and finally decided it was time to sell my ax8 (I felt the smell of a new floor product coming) and upgrade. I was hesitant to spend all that money with the fe…

  • Fractal Audio Axe-FX III Preamp Effects Processor

    Verified Purchase

    I don't usually write reviews on anything, but however I feel I need to express my opinion and experience with modelers. I have tried many different modelers including line 6 pod HD 500x and line 6 helix. I am not in any way bashing on these other modelers but just going on my experience with these …

  • Fractal Audio Axe-FX III

    Verified Purchase

    It is, without any doubt, the best guitar modeller/processor out there. It surpasses the "real" tube amplifiers in many different ways: portability, versatility, good tone at low volume, wide selection of Cabinet IRs, possibility of tweaking advanced parameters (most of them not accessible on real …

  • Fractal Axe-FX III

    Easy to Use. The layout was designed to be more user friendly and it really is! This thing will do it all. Amps, tons of effects, buy one you wont regret it. Highly recommended!

  • Axe FX III

    Verified Purchase

    Incredible unit. Easily superior to any other modeller out there and IMO better than the Kemper which I've previously owned twice. Features galore!