Boss KTN-50 Katana 50-Watt 1x12" Modeling Guitar Combo

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Reviews for the Boss KTN-50 Katana 50-Watt 1x12" Modeling Guitar Combo
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  • Verified Purchase

    This is a nice amp with a lot Punch! Great sounds and a lot options...

  • Great amp

    Verified Purchase

    Brought this as my beginner amp after having a few lessons and practising, it's sounds amazing with lots of cool simple to use effects. Would recommend to everyone.

  • Great amp for the money..

    This is a great amp. Probably the best solid state amp I've ever played except the dirty channel on an orange crush, but it was just different, but very cool too. I don't understand why Boss didn't just put the noise gate as part of the panel? I love the delay and reverb that's built in as well as…

  • Now my gigging amp

    Verified Purchase

    I have 2 $1000+ fender tube amps, half of my pedals cost more than this amp and yet this is the amp I bring to most gigs now adays. sounds great, relatively light weight, Its hard to dial in a bad sound, and the 50w is loud as hell. The only reason you should get the 100w is if you want to switch e…

  • What an awesome amp!

    Verified Purchase

    After playing it for about an hour and a half, I see why this amp is so popular. Firstly, the different gain stages that you can select are fantastic. I normally put it in the Crunch setting with the on-board delay and reverb and have my BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver pedal in front of the amp and with soun…