Quilter Bass Block 800 Ultralight 800W Bass Amp Head

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Reviews for the Quilter Bass Block 800 Ultralight 800W Bass Amp Head
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  • killer

    Verified Purchase

    esp w the 800 wt head of theirs sounds great (altho my mesa m2000 head is great it weighs 1000 pounds)


    Verified Purchase

    Great tone, volume light weight, soft and quiet when you want it to be and loud as heck when you need it. Easy to adjust. I love it. Loved my Ampeg, but I'm 63 and am not going to lug lots of heavy stuff.

  • Quilter Bass Block 800 AMAZING!!

    Verified Purchase

    This head is amazing!!...quality materials, the size and weight are incredibles, controls are very simple...THIS HEAD IS THE MOST POWERFUL AND CLEAN IN THE CATEGORY,,,,UNBELIEVABLE BASS AND LOUD HEADROOM...I´m totally satisfied with this purchase.

  • PDLoud

    Verified Purchase

    I was going to sell a couple of bass cabs for their lack of sensitivity (low volume/wattage put in) as well as their lackluster sound and got the bright idea of trying all my heads thru them first. When I used the orig Quilter 200 Block i got the sound i've wanted since 1972! Then I got a used BB800…

  • Verified Purchase

    I've tried/ owned nearly all the name brand, light weight heads on the market. They all use the same ICE power module, and this is where they all fall short. These are not musical instrument amplifiers. Pat Quilter has come up with his own design, and the BB800 has a depth and heft to the sound that is currently unmatched, as is the price point.