Hello and welcome to Lawrence Petross Design (LPD). LPD pedals are proudly hand crafted one at a time in Mesa AZ USA. For 10 years I have specialized in building high quality, highly versatile, circuits into very small, tour worthy packages. If you have a fly board or are building one, you know exactly why this is important. Weight and density.

I am a single person artisan builder. I personally build each and every pedal that becomes available for purchase. I am responsible for every aspect of the design and build process. From circuit design, pcb layout, board assembly, drilling, filing, laser etch, testing and demos. I use the highest quality components available for each build to assure long life and top quality tone. My boards are built by fabs right here in the USA using thick copper and thick boards. I use 1% metal film resistors, high quality low voltage poly signal capacitors, sealed pots, high grade solder, short throw foot switches and Switchcraft/Neutrik I/O jacks.

I do custom orders as well.

Feel free to contact me for information or if you have any questions you need answered about LPD products.

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