JW's Gear Depot


I am a sole proprietor, with 65 years of experience. Dealing specifically with acoustic vintage drums.
I work for 10 years part-time, at Dahlgren Thompson Drum Shop Minneapolis Minnesota.
To get a different perspective, I work for 6 months for Guitar Center in Texas.
I have owned 3 brick mortar drum shops, independently!
Unfortunately in 2009 I was hit by a car on my way home from church, I'm alright my brain still works! My legs don't. I can no longer use a bass drum
pedal, so I simply play to a drum machine like any other piece of accompaniment😃
So now all of my drums are sold on reverb.
I believe that you can buy with confidence, because drums have been the Mainstay of my life. Now in my 65 th. Year of
doing business.
65 years playing drums.
58 years buying and selling.

In the belief that you have to give the customer what they want at a fair and competitive price!
We will continue to do free shipping, as a way to stimulate business in 2019.

As of 2019 we will only ship in the Continental United States!
The reason for this is very simple. It took six weeks, to clear a payment of a Canadian shipment in 2018.🥁
All of the equipment we sell is hand-picked and inspected by me.
I will not sell anyting that I would not be proud own and endorse.
All of our equipment ships from our warehouse in Denton Texas.

Consignment items are clearly marked and we take 25% of the sale price. Normally orders are packed within 48 hours except for holidays. We want you to get what you expect. At fair and competitive prices.

I use voice technology on my phone to post listings, and we are not responsible for typographical errors!

Please feel free to ask all questions before you purchase!
We want to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

As I always try to encourage are customers, keep on rockin even when you've got the blues😃 one more thought if I may God bless America!👍

JW. Miller