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Looking for a simple, compact true bypass looper that does something a bit more exciting than just switching effects in and out? ZVex has got you covered. The company's Loop Gate blends a send/return effects loop pedal with a noise gate and mixing functions to breathe new life into the pedals that you already have. It can be set up to fade effects out, creating organic sounding trails, or it can slice and dice the sound in a stuttering tremolo fashion when the Chop mode is engaged. The Gate/Mix switch and Sensitivity knob can be used for basic noise control functions, or for using the dynamics of your playing to trigger the loop. In true Z. Vex fashion, the Loop Gate takes the simple true bypass loop concept and adds a new and unexpected dimension to it, turning a basic utility pedal into an inspiring musical companion for the creative-minded pedalboard pilot.  

Years of Production: ca. 2014 - present

Product Specs

  • Loop Gate
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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