Bringing together silicon circuitry, a passive or active jump switch for use on a wide spectrum of instruments, and a simple two-knob interface with controls for volume and pulse width from square to narrow, the Zvex Fuzzolo Fuzz packs gobs of aggression into a Pez-sized pedal. Designed to bring full, throbbing lows and mids equally well to guitar or bass, this miniature effect imparts the gnashing edge to your sound perfect for post-metal, sludge, or math-rock.

Product Specs

  • Fuzzolo
  • Red Painted with Buffalo Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Zvex Fuzzolo Fuzz Pedal
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    This big monster produces the extremely fuzz noises you can make with a guitar. It's a monster above Fuzzes. If you want to take a risk path and not sound so classy fuzzy then try this one. You won't regret it!!

  • Its super duper "velcro" fuzz, a bit thin but I use an active EQ in my gain stage so no problemo. I love mine and couple it with a larger smother fuzz pedal!

  • Not the End-All, Be-All Fuzz I wanted, but has virtues of its own

    Verified Purchase

    I watched extensive YouTube demos of the ZVex Fuzzolo before buying one on Reverb, as there weren't any local specimens to try in person. My main observation is that this pedal is noisier than I expected. Turn the "PW" (Pulse Width) control to around 12noon-ish or beyond, and the gating effect come…

  • In the end, it was what I asked for, but not what I wanted

    Verified Purchase

    I wanted a velcro fuzz with a noise gate. This pedal can deliver that, more or less. The problem comes from the sound being not very 'musical', in my opinion. It was perhaps too thin sounding. I'm not really sure why I didn't like it, but I couldn't make it work for my desired sound.

  • ZVex Fuzzolo pedal

    Verified Purchase

    This was exactly the sound I have been searching for........ The pedal has a Volume and a Pulse Width (PW) control only, with the PW above 10 oclock , the sound becomes more and more sputtery and gated, turn the guitar volume down and it sputters more! its pretty amazing, but unusable for me!....…