As part of the Vextron series, the ZVex Distortron is a sister effect to the Box Of Rock. It was designed to simulate the sound of a fully dimed old Marshall JTM-45, played flat out as it should be. With multiple sub settings and a toggle for high or low gain, you should be able to dial in that perfect crunch at any volume, with just the right amount of touch sensitivity.

Product Specs

  • Distortron
  • Red
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Zvex Vextron Distortron
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  • JTM or HiWatt!

    Just a LP, some reverb, and this pedal going into my Deville, and it was "Live at Leeds". Incredible!

  • Not a fan

    I was not a fan of this pedal at all. Didn't sound much different than a modded Boss DS-1 pedal. Sounded horrible through my Fender amps

  • !

    Verified Purchase

    A great pedal. Not really a distortion though, more of a low/mid gain overdrive. Love it!

  • Rocknroll, hardcore punk and doom.

    Verified Purchase

    So versatile and loud. Tone knob has a wide sweep. Subs clean it right up or thicken it up to the heaviest doom. Extra gain switch comes in handy, could do a whole show with this as my dirt. Cleans up with picking and guitar knob. Sounds alive, and so dynamic. Definitely turns a cheap amp into a gigable beast. Especially great for loud hc punk and sludgy riffs.

  • Not a high gain distortion

    Verified Purchase

    Dont get mislead by the name, its not a distortion pedal but nice low to medium gain overdrive. Its a dirt side of Box of Rock pedal emulating JTM45 with some more tweakabilities.

More Information

Controls: Voluem, Subs, Tone, Gain, Drive