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Reviews for the Yamaha G100-112
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  • Yamaha G50 112 II one of the best kept secrets!

    Verified Purchase

    I bought my first one in 1979! Owned many since then and recently bought another for my studio and admittedly this amp is not for everyone. Normally I don’t do reviews often, but this amp has treated me so well for so many years (1979-2019) that I felt compelled to tell anyone who is listening my t…

  • G10 Guitar Synth

    f you ever wanted to play anything synthy, this is for you. But then again, every other MIDI instrument is also for you, so sound doesn't really apply. You can make this thing literally sound like anything you want, so I will talk about how good the MIDI is. The midi is responsive almost instantly. …

  • Verified Purchase

    sleeper amp with the EV speaker it's sounds great!

  • Wow!

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent amp, excellent service, gem of a store!

  • The Yamaha G Series amplifiers (G50 and G100) are the best clean amps EVER!!!

    Verified Purchase

    The Yamaha G series amplifiers (G50 - G100 versions I and II) are the best clean tone amps in the history of ever!!!!!! The G50 1x12 amp I bought here is no exception. It's the perfect clean amp for me.