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Reviews for the Xotic Effects SP Compressor
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  • Real punch

    Verified Purchase

    I use this for funk. It is un-excelled (IMO) against an MXR. It IS a bit odd to have the internal settings (better stick with One instrument, or leave the back off), but this has the space for a 9volt. It really sounds amazing. Try one, or just buy it, which you will not regret.

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  • Love my sp compressor

    Verified Purchase

    I play for a worship band and have seen many other guitarist use this pedal. So i looked into why and decided it would be useful for my board. Love this pedal! Helps shape my tone by using it as like a boost and sustain. I leave this pedal always on.

  • Ok.

    Verified Purchase

    Good sound.

  • Lots of compression in a small package.

    The flexibility this pedal gives me in shaping my tone is irreplaceable. It's the first pedal in my signal chain and the most important part of my sound.

  • Everything a compressor needs, in a tiny package

    Verified Purchase

    Simple and versatile compressor w/o loads of knobs to deal with. Just what's needed to get a good guitar compression setting. I use it when playing slide guitar, to get some extra sustain, and sometimes kick it in for lead sustain and feedback, when playing low volume gigs. I run it with medium comp…