Conceived with an easy-to-use three-knob interface, ultra-compact chassis for saving pedalboard space, and fine-tuned overdrive circuit designed to give mythical tone, the Wampler Tumnus Overdrive Pedal captures one of the most beloved sound the guitar world in the smallest of packages. Providing an immensely organic break-up reminiscent of classic tweed amps, the Tumnus easily holds down the fort on its own, but also plays nicely when stacked with existing overdrive or boosts as an additional tool in your sonic arsenal. Whether you're looking for a new workhorse or just want to augment your current setup, this tiny titan's fierce character is a welcome addition to any set-up.

Product Specs

  • Tumnus
  • Gold
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Mini

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Reviews for the Wampler Tumnus Overdrive Pedal
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  • Verified Purchase

    The Tumnus works out great for me, it's that clean/overdrive or boost that gets it for me.

  • Wampler Tumnus

    Verified Purchase

    Good pedal. Pleasant overdrive sound. Only con is that it seems to drop off quite a bit of low end from the tone. In that respect it seems similar to the Tube Screamer. Some of the reviews I read prior to purchase implied this wasn't the case. 3.5 but Reverb doesn't allow 0.5 so my review shows only 3. Might keep it...might not.

  • unicorn sauce

    Verified Purchase

    this shizzz is great! really helped my HX stomp come to life and its small af....touring is everything to me. worth your dollar

  • Get the Deluxe

    Verified Purchase

    The deluxe has more tone tweaking features; bass, mid, treb AND additional gain setting. The mid control is especially useful for stacking and making it less Tube Screamer like. Even at extreme settings, the pedal will have a mid-centric focus, so it's not quite as boutique as some others out there.…

  • There is none better

    Verified Purchase

    In 47 years of guitar playing, from the early time of the Rat and Boss pedals, I have never played a pedal that did the job of overdrive from light to full harmonic growl any better than the Tumnus.