The Walrus Audio Phoenix is a power supply that will work overtime for you. With 15 isolated outputs using two custom wound toroidal transformers, you'll be able to power up to four 9V, 300mA pedals, eight 9V, 100mA pedals, two 12V pedals, and one 18V device with the cleanest sound and lowest noise for an extremely pure recreation of your tone.

Product Specs

  • Phoenix 120V Clean Power Supply
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Walrus Audio Phoenix
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  • Quiet isolation

    Verified Purchase

    Does an exceptional job with isolation and cleaning up the noise floor. Some great options in powering 18v, 12v, 300mA items with a few toggle switches. Price for all you get with this is great.

  • Quiet as a Mouse

    Verified Purchase

    A very capable and isolated power source. Very useful mAh/volts options. I read others complain about the power inputs for the AC adapters being too close together and although it is a lilttle cramped, it's definitely do-able. I've got no complaints. Walrus is solid

  • Verified Purchase

    Works great!

  • Beware of where you mount!

    Verified Purchase

    Works OK I guess, actually made some of my pedals a little more noisy. Be aware of mounting this underneath your board, if one too many audio cables crossover its path you will get insane RF interference. Probably needs to be mounted on top of the board, though I’ll never know because I sold it righ…

  • Outstanding Product

    Verified Purchase

    The utility of this unit is unmatched. The only reason for the 4 stars v. 5 start review is the price tag. While I do not regret this purchase I am using this as on outlet for my grievances with the increase in boutique manufacturers gouging customers for relatively inexpensive components. I appr…