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Reviews for the Walrus Audio Bellwether Delay
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  • NOISY as hell!!!

    Verified Purchase

    Maybe I have a faulty unit, I bought it used from reverb, ver.2 . First fo all , pedal do sound beautiful and can accomplish many styles of music, unfortunately it is super noisy, as soon as you engage the pedal a strong hiss.. former owner said he had no noise and that is related to power supply.. …

  • Neat

    Verified Purchase

    The delay itself is just pristine, especially with the tone knob turn all the way down imho. Warm, analog sound and all of time in the world in terms of delaying it. I don't really get to use the modulation very often and frankly don't like it all that much, but I'm sure that's just me

  • Analog!

    The tap tempo makes this pedal stand out from others, and the divisions are helpful. Tone knob is also unique feature for delay. I have not used the effects loop. The modulation gets pretty intense but sounds great at low settings.

  • Just can't escape the tone!!!

    Verified Purchase

    It has taken me a while to write this review since I bought the pedal. I really had a love hate thing going on with it for a quite and quite honestly I still do sometimes. There are some cons about the pedal. I'll start with those. Its noisy. Not like clock noise, noisey or picking up outside emg,…

  • Amazing

    Verified Purchase

    Got this pedal and at first thought it was bunk, I didn't have much time and just plugged it into the front of a line6 combo and could barely get one delay with the settings cranked. Buuuuut after putting it in the fx loop of a H&K Tubemeister 40 Deluxe plugged into a 2x12 with cl80's it is an insa…