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Reviews for the VHT AV-SP1-6U Special 6 Ultra 1x12 Combo
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  • Great Low Watt Amp

    Verified Purchase

    This amp is a great low watt package for guitarists who like to tweak their tone or mod their amps. I switched out the stock Chinese 6V6 and 12ax7 tubes for a Tungsol 6L6 power amp tube and two 12ax7 Tungsol tubes. The variable wattage dial adds a nice touch to get the tone dirty or keep it clean. …

  • Sold one and missed it terribly ! Just bought another. Great poor mans Champ !!

    Verified Purchase

    Amazingly versatile low wattage amps. Very loud 6 watts ! Enough headroom for Great cleans and Excellent OD sounds too. Hand wired means easy to fix and easy to mod. Three options for cabs and speakers 4 ohm 8 ohm and 16 ohm. Almost too good to be true, The Ultra has several tweaking options that make it a tone hunters dream !

  • Amp

    Verified Purchase

    Not as loud as I had hopped. Extremely clean sounding amp. I ordered an EL84 converter and a NOS 12ax7 hoping for some more grind. It sounds good with a Geisha drive pedal . I will do a follow up when the tubes are switched. I bought it used and the tubes are cheap Chinese marked 2015, so that is pr…

  • not a special 6 ultra!

    sorry but the special 6 ultra has more knobs and switches..