The Truetone 1 SPOT power adapter combo pack comes with a wealth of cables and adapters to power virtually any pedal while taking up no space on your pedalboard. This pack comes with the famed 1 SPOT adapter as well as an 8-plug cable, two battery clip adaters, two 1/8" adapters, and an L6 adapter for powering Line 6 modeling pedals. Give your pedals the clean, quiet power they crave while saving a bunch of money compared to brick-style power supplies.

Product Specs

  • 1 Spot 9v Adapter Combo Pack with 8-Plug Daisy Chain and 5 Adaptors
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Truetone 1 SPOT Power Adapter Combo Pack
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  • Verified Purchase

    Good function

  • Messy cables but gets by

    Works great, and will provide power to your pedals without many issues. I wouldn't recommend attaching more than 6 pedals to one power supply; that seems to be the limit before your pedals may run out of power. I would personally recommend the power bricks, but obviously those are a lot more pricey.

  • Verified Purchase

    Works great!

  • great

  • Truetone 1 SPOT Power adapter

    Verified Purchase

    Great purchase, and it saved me from spending a lot more for a "power brick." I have 7 pedals, including a TC-E Tuner w/Buffer and I get no noise. Also, I've got an older version of the MXR Micro amp that didn't come with a power adapter. I always used a battery, but this came with two power adapters for the MXR, so I'm all set!