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Reviews for the Tone City TC-T0 Fuxx Fuzz
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  • Fuzz, Foxx, Fun!

    This compact classic is Tone City's take on the Fulltone Ultimate Octave, which in turn, is based on the venerable Foxxe Tone Machine, beloved for its Axis-style buzz and octave tracking that's superior to the Tychobrahe Octavia of the same period, which maybe isn't saying much, compared to more mod…

  • Fun, cheap and cool

    It's more for the Octavia/can of bees/splatty fuzz tones. I got one to compliment my Prescription Electronics Yardbox (which is more of a toneful, singing fuzz). Can't beat the price and it's nice and small, so you can sneak it onto your board easily.

  • Wow!!!

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal rocks

  • Cool little "crazy" fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    The Fuxx Fuzz is a cool little pedal. It's over-the-top fuzz can be cool if used sparingly. With high gain, it almost has an octave effect. The price, & the small footprint make it well worth having one in your collection, if not on your pedal board.

  • Ho-Hum

    Verified Purchase

    This is my least favorite Tone City pedal I've owned, and I own a bunch. I don't know that it's Tone City's fault, it's just I prefer Big Muff type fuzz over octavia-type. Fuxx Fuzz does what it's supposed to, you can get that splatty fuzz; it's just not a sound I'm terribly fond of. I'll keep it a…