A member of the VoiceTone series, dedicated to giving vocalists simple but effective tools to use on-stage, the TC Helicon T1 is a simple pedal that will imbue your vocals with warmth and give you the opportunity to EQ or change up your tone in live settings. Simply plug your mic in and hit the switch, and a tonal shaping control, compression and de-essing knob, and a warmth button are yours to experiment with. The T1 even has a USB connection to keep it updated!

Product Specs

  • VoiceTone T1 Adaptive Tone & Dynamics
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the TC Helicon T1 Adaptive Tone & Dynamics
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  • great unit

    Verified Purchase

    this I a great unit if using for a dynamic microphone. for high end condenser mics not so good as it only gives you 12v of phantom power. it offers nice crisp tonality, definitely compresses the peaks. great buy for sure. I use it with my KSM8 shure mic

  • Verified Purchase

    first impression is its a lemon. i used it with condenser mike ev1 on genz benz busking amp and its a big tone hog. almost sounds likes its breaking up. i turned it all the way down and added the warmth same results.

  • Can hear what my singer sings now

    Verified Purchase

    Totally works to bring out enunciation and my singer sounds better than every other band's singer in town.

  • Light and airy tones

    Verified Purchase

    Gives male voices that light sound - I've been very pleased. Just make sure to adjust the gain to avoid unwanted feedback. Looking forward to using at my next gig

  • Blanket lifter!

    Verified Purchase

    This is a very nice pedal that when dialed in properly will seemingly lift the blanket off of your tone. I found that it made an sm58 sound more like a condenser mic. Less murky, more controlled levels, and an overall brighter presence without the S frequencies giving you that icepick in the ear h…