The Ojai is a simple yet extremely high-performance power supply from the always-innovative designers at Strymon. This supply provides five points of 9V power with 500mA per output. With a clever dual-stage isolation design, the Ojai is extremely noise-reducing. For rigs where five power points isn't enough, a 24v Thru jack allows you to string multiple units together from one powersource to run as many pedals as your board can fit.
  • Five 9V, 500mA power with center-negative polarity
  • Includes 24V power supply and pedal power cables

Product Specs

  • Ojai 5-Output Compact High Current DC Power Supply
  • Blue
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Strymon Ojai 5-Output Compact High Current DC Power Supply
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  • Quality 9v 500ma power, and small.

    This power supply has no inherent effect on sound. That's what you want. Many power supplies do not isolate each output enough, so when you run multiple pedals they get noisy. This does not have that problem. It's important to pay attention to the power requirements of your pedals. Most Strymon and…

  • Lightest, most compact, and effective power supply

    Verified Purchase

    You pretty much don't have to worry your pedals are getting enough power with these. I pretty much picked this up to expand my strymon power supplies. Strymon did power supplies right.

  • What do I think of this product? I don’t

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    And that’s why it’s worth it. I have a Zuma and a Ojai-30 tucked under the board as well. I *will* think there is a problem sometimes because things are so quiet. But I don’t see that as a problem

  • OJAI

    Verified Purchase

    Hands down the best power supply I've ever owned.