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Reviews for the Source Audio Nemesis Delay
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  • Yummy delay box!

    Verified Purchase

    I recently bought one for myself and after using it in both a reggae project and an instrumental guitar project I bought one for each of my best buddies who are great guitarists. I have used many delays, incl Mad Professor, Space Echo, Time Factor, DD3, TC stuff, etc....and this box is truly special…

  • Fantastic delay

    Verified Purchase

    Pedal sounds great. It has a broad set if unique and compelling sounds. The ability to download settings using the Neuro app (similar to TC's TonePrint functionality) is a tremendous advantage over other units. Offers incredible flexibility in terms of options, allowing one to tailor behavior and co…

  • The little Delay that Could

    Verified Purchase

    I was looking for a full-feature delay with MIDI to interface to my HX Effects. Something like a Strymon Timeline, but smaller if possible. I was turned onto the Nemesis by a local shop and it is AWESOME. Quite small, full MIDI, great tone, and LOTS of digital engines. The programming apps work well…

  • Best sound/features/price/size balance of any delay

    Verified Purchase

    65% the size & price of the Strymon Timeline, 95% of the features, more customization possibilities. The DSP algorithms in the Nemesis aren't knockoffs of Strymon, instead they have a generally darker and thicker personality, but they are absolutely equal in quality. I'm especially impressed with th…

  • The Best Modern Delay for Traveling Session Players and Gigging Musicians

    I was skeptical when I was checking the Source Audio Nemesis out because I've been such an analog delay user in studios, but I needed something that didn't take up a lot of space, and could cover as much tonal delay ground possible while remaining true to the original analog sounds I was chasing. …